So last week, I totally copped out and made a coffee cake out of a box. It was easy, delicious, and I’m not ashamed.

chrissy, my teammate

chrissy, my teammate

Chrissy and I decided we should go to a themed bar (where I could dress accordingly), so we ended up at the Bigfoot Lodge in Atwater Village. We were there celebrating my work promotion, (which is half true), and I had already finished almost all of my Toasted Marshmallow drink when I realized that not only was I slurring my words, but we hadn’t met anyone yet, and I really wanted to eat some more of that coffee cake.

the birthday boy

the birthday boy

I decided to offer cake to a small group of friends standing nearby, who happened to be celebrating a birthday. (Ding!) The birthday boy was only too happy to eat some cake, asking, “You just have this cake? Do you just go hang out in bars with cake?” to which I scream-laughed, “Oh, god, no!” We started chatting up a guy who told us he’s an assistant director on adult films; I admired Chrissy’s superhuman etiquette skills when she asked appropriate follow-up questions upon receiving this information, which inspired me to pretend this was a totally normal career choice. I let him have a piece, anyway. Onward and upward.

While there was no real success with boys on Saturday, the best part of the night was making a new (girl) friend, (who doesn’t realize she’s become part of this cake strategy), and finding an excuse to wear my favorite Russian hat.



The coffee cake mix is from the marvelous, repeatedly cited and always magical Trader Joe’s.

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