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best friends 4ever

Even though I’m sure she’ll be outraged when she reads this, I have to mention Chrissy for just a hot minute here.

Not only did she make this week’s cake with zero help from me (and invent cakebarring/ spark this blog/ buy me a beautiful dress to wear for her birthday at the end of the month when we bring cakebarring full circle) but she is currently in the hospital after having surgery today. I spoonfed her some coffee a few hours ago after she groggily asked me how my day was and I couldn’t help but wonder why I would ever need a boyfriend when I already have such a stellar teammate. Every year Chrissy plans elaborate three-dimensional decorations for my birthday and crafts accordingly. She buys me peanut butter and jelly candy bars for special occasions, and picks up library books she thinks I’d like. She accepts my vocalized frustrations that she buys too much mustard, and that I have to offer people nine things before they leave our apartment. It’s Chrissy who gave me my previously mentioned bride pajamas, and Chrissy who, despite all this strange medical uncertainty, reassures me not to worry about Eddy.

For all intents and purposes, she has been my boyfriend for 8 years. I love her very much, and hope that she’ll recover from whatever is going on in her thoughtful little body very quickly.


chrissy and chris, the coaches

Chrissy made our dear friend Katie her favorite childhood cake for her birthday last weekend– a kind of strawberry vanilla pudding cake– which can be easily replicated and creatively assembled after a trip to your local grocer’s or City Target. Katie suggested the Thirsty Crow in Silver Lake for its U-shaped bar and young people population. It being Silver Lake, I should have been much more prepared when we came in to encounter so many people. SO MANY SCOWLING SKINNY HIPSTER PEOPLE. I walked around trying to get a read for receptive faces, but I was getting wedged in with groups (or even worse, couples) for way-too-long periods of time. After striking out with a few nervous boys, I came back to our birthday table feeling twelve years old and very defeated. I looked at Chrissy and shook my head. “This isn’t working.” Never one to give up easily, she cut a piece of cake and handed it to me on a plate. “You go stand over there and hold this.”

And it worked.

boy george

Maybe it’s because Chrissy is often mistaken for a supermodel, or maybe it was just good timing, but we found 3 friends who were highly interested in our cake. One of them even wins The Most-Fascinating-Person-We-Ever-Met-Cakebarring Award. (Sorry, Danielle. I really want to invite you over some time.) Meet George. George is an IT guy with a cracked iPhone who prefers things that are broken. He has nine siblings. During our exchange, he shows me several pictures of a horse and a donkey on his phone (“See?! They’re best friends!”) and even more pictures of his nine hundred nieces and nephews. (YOU KNOW I’M ALL OVER THAT.) At one point he looks at me and presses his fingers into both sides of my face. “You have such deep dimples!” While I and like, my friends are invited back to his roof, I have to decline on account of our camping trip the following morning, and the fact that you never go home with someone you just met at a bar because they could be a psychopath.

See, Mom? PSHHH. That was the sound of the wasp and hornet spray you bought for under my bed.

I do hope that we see George again, who reminds me of so many of the healthily insane people I went to college with. (“I’m more focused on being creative in temporary moments,” he told Chrissy. “I don’t believe in having best friends,”  he told me.) George, you may not need a best friend, but I sure need Chrissy around. Everyone, please send lots of good thoughts her way.

birthday katie


-Vanilla Canned Pudding

-Cool Whip mixed with cut-up Strawberries

-1 Sara Lee Pound Cake

This recipe calls for slicing the pound cake into 3 layers and spreading the mixed together pudding and Cool Whip in between. We had so much pudding/Cool Whip that I cut the pound cake super thin and spread it out between layers of the pudding/Cool Whip filling instead. It was a real crowd pleaser for all us birthday celebrators, and the rare sugar-consuming Crow-goer. 

they’re totally in on it


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  1. You DO have incredibly deep dimples. I was thinking about that the other day when I saw you, but I resisted the urge to press my fingers into your face. And, while nine siblings is definitely impressive, my mom is one of TWELVE. I have 21 first cousins on that side of the family. Just saying.

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